The purpose of this policy statement is to establish a uniform and equitable system of allocating burial space in the Holly Springs Baptist Church cemetery.



All persons who are church members shall be provided burial space, if requested, at no cost. Additionally, dependent children of these members residing at home will be provided space upon the request of a member parent or guardian. The spaces thus allocated will be considered a benefit of church members, and all maintenance costs of these plots will be borne by the church. If a church member transfers his/her membership, the burial space will be surrendered back to the church.


A spouse may reserve up to four (4) cemetery plots for family burial purposes; if after the death of both the spouse and his or her husband or wife and no children survive them or the children marry, the unoccupied reserved plots shall be returned to the church’s cemetery inventory and available to others as herein provided.


Other immediate family members of church members may obtain burial space for  a fee of $800 ** (or the latest adopted fee) per burial space. An immediate family member shall be defined as a legally married spouse, a dependent child, a dependent parent, or a dependent sibling.


All non-church members requesting a burial space shall require the payment of $1,500 **(or the latest adopted fee) per burial space


The exclusive right for a burial space may not be sold nor transferred in any manner by a member, non-member, their family, or their heirs. The right to use a reserved burial space may not be sold or transferred in any manner by a purchaser. Designation of the person to the burial space may be changed in writing by the purchaser at any time prior to the purchaser’s death. A burial space may only be surrendered back to the church. The church will refund only the amount paid for the burial space itself. The purchase by a purchaser conveys to the purchaser the right to use the burial space but no ownership, interest in the cemetery, or any interest in real estate is implied. The legal title to all of the burial spaces shall at all times remain to the church.



A permanent grave marker with the name, birth date, and death date of the deceased will be placed upon the grave within one year of burial. The Sextons shall approve all monuments as to type and inscription prior to being ordered. Any unapproved monuments placed in the cemetery will be subject to removal at the owner’s expense.



A vault will be required for all casket burials. There will be no above ground vaults, crypts, or ledgers.


If an urn is to be placed in a burial space, the opening and closing fee of the burial space must go through the funeral home. An urn may be placed in the burial space without a vault. Urns are not allowed to be placed on top of an occupied burial space.


Family members shall clean off the grave site 5-7 days after the service.


Floral arrangements and other grave articles will be limited so as to allow for the maintenance of the grave plot. If other articles, including concrete benches, are placed around the headstone and not on the headstone, they will be removed. No planting will be allowed. Grounds keeper has the discretion to remove any articles that prohibit maintenance of the cemetery.


If a non-church member is requesting use of any church facilities for a funeral service, a fee of $500 shall be accessed. The fee shall be paid prior to the service to the church treasurer.



Church members may reserve required spaces either in advance by contacting the church Sexton(s) and selecting a space or spaces from remaining spaces available, or at the time required by asking the church Sexton(s) for assignment of space.


If space is desired for an immediate family member other than a dependent child, the church member may reserve a burial space in advance by payment of the $800 **  (or the latest adopted fee) maintenance fee.


All others will be considered on a case-by-case basis. No provision will be made for prior reservation of burial space for other than church members and immediate family. If others desire burial space in the Holly Springs Baptist Church cemetery, they may request the Sexton(s) to assign them a space. If it is determined that appropriate space can be provided, a payment of $1,500 (or the latest adopted fee) will be required for the maintenance of the space. Payment for the space will be required at the time of assignment. The funeral director handling the arrangements has the option to collect the fee and render payment to the church.


All fees will be deposited in the Cemetery Trust Fund, and interest accrued will be applied to the perpetual maintenance of the cemetery.


If questions arise over space assignment that cannot be resolved by the requesting party and the Sexton(s), they will be referred to the Deacons. The Deacons may, if necessary, carry the request to the full church conference for resolution.


If at any time a member who has previously reserved spaces determines the spaces are no longer required, these spaces should be reported to the Sexton(s) for reassignment.





General Implementation

 Funeral directors will be responsible for clearing all requests with the Sexton(s). No grave will be opened without prior approval of the Sexton(s). All graves shall be opened and closed by Helio Santana in Lillington, NC. If neither Sexton is available, the pastor, custodian, or Chairman of the Deacons will be contacted, in that order, to insure space has been properly assigned.


By signing this cemetery policy, all parties agree to the terms and conditions.


This the ___________day of _______________, 2018.



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** The fee shall be paid to the Sextons or to the church treasurer at the time of the reservation.




Adopted and approved-5/20/2015

Revised and approved-2/21/2018