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Words cannot express my sincere thankfulness to be able to call Holly Springs home.  For nearing 143 years, HSBC has been touching lives with the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ.  Countless families graced the doors of this wonderful church and many more are choosing HSBC as their home too.

While visiting our web site, take time to witness God’s working first hand.  Better yet, consider making Holly Springs a part of your family’s heritage for the years to come.  It will be a decision you’ll never regret.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to reach individuals and families with the soul saving message of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection and train them to serve Him.


At HSBC, we cherish and celebrate traditional worship in our services.  Whether through our choir or in congregational worship, we celebrate the old while cherishing God’s unchanging Word.  We believe traditional worship is still very relevant in our society when done well.


HSBC was organized in 1874, under the supervision of Rev. Orin Churchill.  The group employed in its organization was composed of Rev. Orin Churchill, A.N. Campbell and H.D. Judd. The first members, or those who were in the organization the Antioch Church.  They were:  W.D. and Mary A. Patterson, J.W. and Mary E. Thomas, T.J. Hunt, A.J. Hunt, R.J. and Mary Patterson, A.J. Patterson, Mary E. Patterson, John R. and Mary M. Wilson.

In April of 1874, this group of people received letters from Antioch Church and son thereafter united in what they called the Holly Springs Baptist Church.  They first built a log house 18×20′.  Here this little band of Christians began to worship, having as their under shepherd Rev. Orin Churchill.  The only deacon in the church first was Mr. R.J. Patterson who was a deacon in Antioch before coming here.  Later deacons Malcolm Thomas and John W. Patterson were received from Juniper Springs.

In September of 1874, a delegation was sent to the Sandy Creek Association to petition for admittance into that body, but the brethren were so tired out by their journey they decided to unite with some other body dearer to them, so they came away without asking to be admitted.  In October of the same year a delegation was sent to the Raleigh Association into which body the Holly Springs Church was received.

In 1875, the church was represented in the Raleigh Association which met at Cary.  They petitioned for a letter to join in the formation of a new association.  Mr. A.B. Patterson, John W. Patterson and Jefferson Fuquay in company with delegates from other churches met at Cumberland Union Church in November, 1875 and organized the Little River Baptist Association.

In 1876, the brethren decided to build a larger house of worship.  Being unable to obtain a title to the land at the old site, they decided to build a house of worship a few hundred yards nearer to the Lillington Jonesboro road.  A parcel of land was donated by deacon Malcolm Thomas.  Upon this was erected a neat frame house, which was used until the year 1952 when a modern brick edifice was erected under the leadership of Rev. C. Eddie Ruffin.

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Rev. Scott Yow


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